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    Friday, May 12, 2017

    Mercy Aigbe’s Attitudes Did Not Show She Either Loved Or Respected Her Husband

    These past few days have been a so saturated in the Nigerian internet world. A lot of events occurred and one of the major trending issues is the Mercy Aigbe - Lanry Gentry marital scuffles...

    First and foremost, there is something important we take note of. When there is an issue between a man and his wife, our wise 'traditional' elders advise that we approach the issue delicately and with tact.

    The reason being that you might see a husband and his wife spitting fire and brimstone on each other during the day time in public, and when it's night time, there they are together on their matrimonial bed entangled romantically.

    We all can remember the Tiwa Savage and Tee Billz scandal a while ago. We can say they are now back together (of course, we are happy for them!)

    But as it stands now we will focus Mercy and Lanry!

    When the smoke of the rumours initially appeared, Mercy's 'body languages' suggested to us that everything was fine with her and her home. She keeps posting beautiful-looking pictures on her social media pages that informed the world that she was a happy woman living in a blissful home.
    But of course, things changed almost immediately, and many people felt she did all that just to protect her home.

    A lot of developments on the issues have risen. The latest which is Mercy herself telling the media that Lanry beats her consistently and that she still coughs blood. She didn't stop there, she also insisted on many occasions that her estranged husband cheats on her too!

    Mercy, in the latest interview granted to Broadway TV revealed that she stayed back in the abusive relationship with Lanry because she loves him, because of her children, and because many others were looking up to her as a role model.

    Lanry although made us to believe there was nothing like abuses in their home and made Instagram posts in this regard. Though as it is now, we all know what was the norm and what always transpired in their home. Unfortunately for him, his claims did not stop the police from inviting him over and putting him behind bars.

    However, there is something we want to draw people's attention to, and that is: LOVE between them.

    Lanry says: I LOVE her, I never beat her.
    Mercy claims: I LOVE him, that's why I stayed.

    The main question to ask Mercy is if she truly went into the marriage for love or for the money and gains.

    In this present era that we are in where everyone seems to live a virtual life on social media. We know how social media users especially celebrities put up everything that happens to them on the internet for the whole world to note and see.

    Lovers display affections and proclaim love for each other on social media. Birthday wishes, family’s time-out, parties, get –together and so on.

    But a check on Mercy Aigbe's estranged husband's Instagram page shows that he usually post several pictures of him and Mercy on several occasions – We can however say there is love in his heart towards her and his entire family.

    However, a similar check on Mercy Aigbe's Instagram page shows she hardly post pictures of herself and her husband on her page, but rather pictures of her frolicking with several unknown male companions with several types of close physical touches by either she or her male companions. Photos at fun spots, parties and so on.

    We all know Mercy Aigbe is a social media queen and a popular Nollywood actress. But let’s understand that if she claims she loved her husband and respected him so much, we should have more of the so-called love display on her social media timelines, which she never did.

    We hope everything goes on well with either party, but whenever issues of this nature comes up online, especially when celebrities are involved, let’s be careful in taking sides and getting to the root of the matter before throwing darts.

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