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    Tuesday, May 09, 2017

    Femi Otedola Oppressed Us. Nigerian Politicians Are Corrupt- Matharoo Sisters

    Unfortunately, our names struck familiarity with “billionaire” Femi Otedola who was one of the petitioners hoping to get the site shut down. To a man who does not know how tooperate anything besides a Nokia 3110 phone, it was a case closed as to who posted a story on his wife “mistreating her staff in the United Kingdom”, that caused him to force the police to drop everything and chase a gossip ghost...

    Literacy is an issue in Nigeria. They had police officers that were not technology literate, who didn’t understand basic logic, investigating a site they had never read. We were also verbally brutalized and slandered on Naijagistlive many many times and when we told the officers that, they were confused.

    Femi used our vulnerability as an opportunity to threaten us every day to admit to owning the website. He didn’t believe we didn’t own the site until the website owner replied live in front of Femi’s chief of security and the second petitioner. Thank you Naijagistlive for shutting down your website to save us. The owner was tweeting, adding blog posts, and doing interviews while we had no access to technology, which is obvious proof that we do not own the website but simple logic is a hard sell to uneducated people.


    Nigeria’s Assistant Commissioner of Police has no integrity and was operating at ANY command of Femi Otedola’s, by making his Abuja officers harass us and force us to write statements about a Lagos based website. Why would Abuja officers be in Lagos outside of their jurisdiction? Does the Nigerian police have the budget to fly between cities to chase an online ghost? No. Femi used Abuja officers because he has more pull with certain authoritative individuals there; just a taste of corruption happening under President Buhari’s nose.

    The unprofessional Assistant Commissioner heading this investigation later made sexual comments about one of our bodies, then asked for a phone number.


    We were forced to sign an undertaking in a hotel room with the threat of maximum-security prison. We were told that if we do not sign, we will be taken to court where they will ensure we don’t get bail. There was no lawyer in the room; it was a Nigerian citizen who typed these ill-written documents. A criminal undertaking is supposed to be created by the police or the court. The papers did not even have an official police stamp, court stamp, or court location. They even made Babatunde Oyebode, the website builder, sign a paper saying “I promise to never enter Nigeria again” when he is a Nigerian citizen.


    We were forced to make a video apology in our hotel room with the promise that Femi would allow the Assistant Commissioner to release our passports. That obvious forced and coerced apology was made without as much as a police officer, let alone a lawyer, present. When someone is reading off a phone and saying, “We freely volunteered to make this video and are not under duress”, it is an obvious red flag and chances are, it is not a sincere or genuine apology.

    We were promised the undertaking and video apology were for Femi’s eyes only. This undertaking and “confessional” video was sent to a blogger who is known to accept bribes, the very thing they tried to petition against Naijagistlive for, to further build their case of pinning this website on us.

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